My dream is to open the field of numismatics to the largest audience possible. I want to make coin collecting and numismatics accessible and engaging to new and aspiring collectors, as well as bring huge untapped value to existing collectors and dealers.

Numismatics are a great way to invest and store value over the long term. Not only are they a great investment, but they bring a heap of joy to collectors and dealers alike! Collecting also provides a window into history and a lense through which to learn about the world.

I've always believed that learning new things is both hugely satisfying and rewarding, but also confidence building. Gaining knowledge is a powerful tool for opening new doors and to improve your life. Financial education especially is something that is severely lacking in today's schools.

Without education around money it's nearly impossible to build a strong financial foundation and be left free to pursue your dreams. Solid personal finances can support you through tough times and enable you to support and look out for friends and family. Having savings can give you time to reflect, to learn, and to do the things you've always wanted to do. To choose your own path in life and escape the rat-race.

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My goal is to help educate, inspire and excite the next generation of collectors. In order to bring that dream to fruition, I'm building hardware and software that will allow me to reach as many people as possible. I'm starting small, and moving steadily forwards. First, an online numismatics shop. Once established, it will will fund my future plans.

Selling a large quantities of coins, tokens and medals online means taking a lot of photos! So, I've built a photography machine which speeds up the photography process immensely, and produces consistently high quality, sharp and well lit images. I've also built custom software to improve inventory management and automate the buying and selling process on platforms such as eBay, as well as the plunda.co shop.

Coin photography machine